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Don't know how to find suppliers?
You have found a candidate, but are having trouble negotiating with the factory.

RFQ (Request for Quotation) is a unique free consultation service that ManuTech provides to those who cannot find a factory that can solve their product issues.

Within one business day, we will propose you the best factories and companies, mainly EMS and OEM factories, that are open to new approaches from ManuTech's database of over 30,000 companies.

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ManuTech will find the best factory for your product's purpose and stage from our database of over 30,000 companies, free of charge.

Confirm the requirements of the request.

Our experts will communicate with the factory or company to make sure that your request meets the requirements.

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With ManuTech's one-stop support, we will analyze your request and guide you to suitable factories and companies. We do not conduct sales to your company.

Request for Quotation

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Company names and phone numbers will not be disclosed to factories or companies. Please be assured that we will consult with you anonymously.

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