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Vacuum casting
Vacuum casting

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Ideal for medium-lot products with tight dimensional tolerances, such as exterior parts

Vacuum casting” is a manufacturing method for making a copy of the original master model by cutting and pasting together a master model made of ABS resin, etc., and making a mold with silicone rubber.


Please note that only a limited number of copies can be shown in the photos, as many of the castings are exterior components.


Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum casting


  • Medium batches (10 to 20 pieces) are generally cheaper than cutting.
  • Master models can be laminated together, but cast products can be replicated as if they were made as one piece.
  • Prototypes of polyurethane/silicone rubber products are also available. Various hardnesses are available.
  • The more complex the shape is, the shorter the lead time can be compared to cutting for medium lots.
  • Heat resistant resins can be selected.


  • Lack of choice in materials. No material equivalent to the actual part is available.
  • At least one master model is needed.
  • The mold is made of silicon rubber, so the mold does not hold up well (generally, only about 20 molds can be produced per product).
  • There is a limit to securing dimensions. Generally, the limit is about 0.1.
  • Yellowing occurs over time.


Features of vacuum casting molds from Kodensha

  • However, with more than 20 years of accumulated data, we at Kodensha have absolute confidence in the “dimensional accuracy” and “finish” of our products, even though they are casting products. Designers and material purchasers who think that all casting dies are the same should try out Kodensha’s casting dies. We are proud of our high cost performance.
  • If you are looking for exterior parts that are “as cheap as possible”, we can provide casting products that prioritize cost, although we are not very positive, to be honest. However, we can also provide custom-made parts that prioritize cost. Please contact us for more information.