Ultra small 10Ω Platinum Resistance Thermometer Element

Ultra small 10Ω Platinum Resistance Thermometer Element Claimed

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Netsushin in collaboration with AIST has developed the Pt-10Ω Model: NES-OV45, the world’s most ultrasmall platinum resistance thermometer element.

Temperature measurement of trace amounts of sample is essential in the medical biology research field, including but not exclusive for iPS cell research and DNA amplification by PCR using a thermal cycler, Previously, there were no such PT-sensor small enough to measure 10 µl samples with such accuracy. Since NES-OV45 has been developed, temperature control and evaluation of temperature uniformity became possible with accuracy much higher than before, further innovation of the latest research field is expected.


The world’s smallest Pt Sensor.

Its body size is only Dia0.4mm x Length0.5mm, this is almost as small as thermocouple junction. We achieve this by winding a fine (10s of microns) platinum wire. An average tolerance of Thermocouple is +/- 0.5℃ at room temperature. Netsushin’s NES-OV45 provides you the temperature measurement with much higher accuracy of tolerance +/-0.1℃. Temperature measurement with accuracy of about 1/5 of an average thermocouple is possible.





Resistance Value at 0℃

Pt10Ω±0.5Ω (at 0℃)



Temperature Range




Number of Leadwires

4 leads