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In recent years, rear-end collisions have become a social problem due to the misuse of the accelerator pedal. Some models of vehicles equipped with an electronically controlled accelerator are equipped with a function to prevent sudden acceleration, but in many cases, older used cars and cars that you are used to driving do not have this function.

For this reason, Eida Engineering has designed a retrofit type “stop pedal”.


(1) Cancel the accelerator and brake to stop

Unlike existing products, when the accelerator pedal is stepped on in a panic, not only the accelerator cancellation but also the brake is activated in combination to stop the vehicle.

(2) Can be installed on various types of vehicles

It doesn’t require an advanced sensing system and can be installed on a used car with a bolt-on. The accelerator can be electronically controlled or with a cable.

(3) Operability is the same as before installation

Both the accelerator and brake pedals can be operated in the same way even after installation. Therefore, both the elderly and novice drivers can use it with confidence.


Mounting method

Remove the accelerator pedal, replace it with this product and clamp it to the brake pedal arm.

Application for Structural Change.

No application for structural alteration is required as it does not fall under the category of vehicle modification.

At the time of vehicle inspection.

It is not required to be removed for vehicle inspection as it complies with safety standards.

About Vehicle Installation

This product is designed for the exclusive use of the car model, so it must be installed at a nationally certified maintenance facility.

About Failure.

We will replace it free of charge if it has been installed for one year or less than 10,000 kilometers.

Other repairs are also available for a fee.*

*Only for 6 months.

Installation process

Since the availability of Eida Engineering’s STOP pedals varies depending on the model of car, the time required for shipment and installation varies. Therefore, we will ask you to provide us with information such as your vehicle inspection certificate when you place your order.


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