Sputtering Target Technology
Sputtering Target Technology
Sputtering Target Technology

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Utilizing the know-how of precision processing technology that we have cultivated over the years, we are also actively working on manufacturing targets made of copper (Cu) and other dissimilar metals.

Sputtering Target Technology

Sputtering targets are the raw materials for forming metal thin films on wiring boards, etc. Aluminum targets are mainly used as wiring materials for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and semiconductor IC chips.

We also have a number of sputtering targets made of metals other than aluminum to form metal thin films for the advancement of IT technology and to improve the quality of semiconductors and other products.

Our target department has an integrated production system from metal processing to bonding, inspection, packaging and shipping.

Our products are used in a wide range of consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, smart phones, TVs, PCs, digital cameras, automobiles, and home appliances, and are in use day and night.

Sputtering Target Products

We are able to process small lots and complex shapes (e.g., disks, plates, cylinders, etc.) according to the applications. We are engaged in everything from cutting (Cu, Ti, Si, Nb) to various types of bonding (bonding).

We are also actively working on trial and development products.