Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel
Special Stainless Steel

Special Stainless Steel

Special Stainless Steel Made Using a Wide Variety of Materials / Sand Mold Casting Techniques for Complicated Minature Shapes

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What We Have

While sand-mold casting is an ancient technique that first appeared in Mesopotamia, this technology has advanced thanks to the use of a wider range of materials and a higher level of precision. Of the options available today, we aim to be above and beyond the rest, by offering our technology at low cost with fast delivery

Stainless steel in general has a high level of resistance to heat and corrosion. With special stainless steel, there are infinate combinations of ways to blend it depending on the performance requirements of the final product, so it is neccessary to know about which casting technology to use in accordance with the mixture. Due to the complexity of confirming and testing these special characteristics, as well as material management, most companies handle only a few main materials.

However, Tatsumi Manufacturing deals with over 100 different types of material! What’s more, we are skilled at handling complicated shapes and small sizes that are difficult to cast. We can make shapes from miniature 3D curved surfaces as well as air structures. These complicated minature shapes made using special stainless steel and one-shot molding are extremely strong, and are often used in the making of equiptment like factory pumps for plants with high levels of demand.

What It Brings

  1. We work at low cost and with quick delivery, handling orders in just a few days as opposed to several months.
  2.  Since we manufacture components that are strong as well as resistant to heat and corrosion, we are supporting essential infrastructure facilities such as chemical plants and gasification melting furnaces.
  3. We take orders from one item, promising speedy delivery along with expert know-how of materials and shapes. Our order system makes it easy for customers to try out various prototype models for their production lines.

Why Competitive ?

We work with an overwhelming variety of materials and complex shapes.

With each material, it is necessary to undergo logical trial and error in order to understand the special characteristics of each metal. Depending on the material, this could require changing various factors such as temperature or the type of sand and surface sand treatment being used.

What’s more, in order create complex shapes, we have the technology to produce sand molds for this purpose. For example, if you wanted to make a narrow path for liquid on a 3D curve, the sand mold would be very fragile and delicate. Just making the shape of the mold would be quite challenging.

During casting, this tyoe of mold can be damaged easily, so creating a high-quality product is extremely difficult.

*Our competition uses the same basic technology.

How it Performs

From Osaka (Association for Rational Administration (Osaka)) Prefecture’s Management Streamlining Association, we received an honorable mention award in 2011 for overall management. In 2013, the Association awarded us another honorable mention in recognition of our improved tecnology.

We make efforts so that our staff continue to improve upon their technological abilities, seeking ways to do so and implementing technological education, as well as providing a welfare program. Through these efforts, we have attracted many young workers, which is something of a rarity in the casting industry.

We are proud to have a young workforce in which staff continue to work on their technological skills.

In 2013, at an award ceremony for small and medium-sized enterprises, we were awarded ‘IT Management Certified Company’ by METI (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) after we started using IT to manage small orders.

In 2017, the Ibaraki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded us with a Certificate of Excellence as an Enterprise. In 2018, we were also certified by the same organization as an Enterprise Promoting the Creation of a Comfortable Workplace. The same year, we received the METI symbol of selection as a Local Future Index Firm.




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