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Shafting systems

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A shafting system plays an important role in transferring power from the main engine to the propeller.

As a general marine propulsion system manufacturer, Nakashima Propeller designs and offers shafting systems as well.

Shafting systems can be classified as either sea water-lubricated systems or oil-lubricated systems depending on their characteristics. Nakashima Propeller can provide an optimum combination of parts as well as parts according to the needs of both types of systems.


Sea water-lubricated systems

In the sea water-lubricated system, sea water is taken in and fed into the stern tube for cooling and lubrication. The sea water then passes through the stern tube and is released outside the vessel. Sea water-lubricated systems are often used in small vessels and 10,000 to 20,000-ton class freight vessels or smaller.


Oil-lubricated systems

In vessels with an oil-lubricated system, the inside of the stern tube is filled with lubrication oil, which is circulated for cooling and lubrication. Most large-size vessels use this type of system.