POL(Non-isolated Type DC-DC)
POL(Non-isolated Type DC-DC)
POL(Non-isolated Type DC-DC)
POL(Non-isolated Type DC-DC)
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POL(Non-isolated Type DC-DC) Claimed

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High‐speed load response POL converter “BSV series”

Recent high performance high‐end ICs work at high operating frequency and extremely sensitive to current and voltage fluctuation. Even a slight inductance of wiring present in the circuit causes voltage dip due to precipitous current change. If the input voltage of ICs in the circuit exceeds the designed allowance, this might cause data transfer error and malfunction of equipment.

Our High‐speed load response POL converter “BSV series” enables to secure input voltage of ICs within their designed allowance against voltage drop caused by pattern of printed wiring board and instant voltage fluctuation by abrupt change of current.


  • High‐speed load response
  • High output accuracy ±1%
  • Low ripple noise
  • External capacitors not required
  • Recommended by the world’s largest FPGA manufacturers (Xilinx and Altera).
  • Small size / High power density

Digital POL converter “BDX series”

Power supply requirements of high‐end devices such as FPGA and ASSP are increasingly demanding as a result of the miniaturization of process rules. Particularly, the latest models have entirely new requirements including power supply sequence setting, variable output voltage according to load and large current output capability, some of which the conventional analog POL converters cannot handle.

Bellnix digital POL converters provide solutions to these issues by combining digital control with large current output capability.


  • Digital control
  • Max. 350A output in parallel operation
  • High output accuracy ±0.5%
  • Flexible sequence with digital control
  • PMBus correspondence
  • AVS(Adaptive Voltage Scaling) correspondence
  • Monitoring function
  • Small size / High power density