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Our cutting process professionals have made “fast and high quality” possible.

At HILLTOP, we make full use of IT to receive orders, manufacture and deliver products. In addition, the creation of a database of skilled know-how and craftsmanship has made it possible to provide a stable supply of high-quality products. We can respond to a wide range of requests for prototypes and single products such as automotive parts, aircraft parts, medical metal processing, etc., precision parts such as semiconductor-related parts, and machine parts that require weight reduction. We are able to supply high quality products quickly because we are a group of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have a thorough knowledge of metal processing.


Super fast delivery

Our unique and original production processing system, called the HILLTOP system, allows us to supply products in an instant, even if they are not in stock due to high production capacity, not to mention accuracy!

Please feel free to contact us for delivery dates that have been refused by other companies, or for products that have been said to be technically difficult to manufacture.


Surface treatment can be done in-house

Our in-house surface treatment line reduces transportation time, cost, and risk of scratches and dents! We can deliver products to our customers more quickly!

In addition, the film pressure control is strictly controlled, which enables us to process the product in accordance with tolerances.


Any number of materials can be ordered at once

We respond to your requests for various processing such as cutting, sheet metal processing and press work. We can also process aluminum, iron, stainless steel, resin, hard-to-machine materials, and a variety of other materials. We can flexibly accommodate customers’ requests for single items or mass production!

Leave the entire unit to us! Cut down on time wasted by consolidating your order with HILLTOP! You can focus on your more value-added work!


No need for drawings.

We have a team of processing engineers and design professionals who can create 3D models and accept 3D data, so you don’t need to have any drawings. We also handle STL data (large volume data used for design data).

Even if it would normally take a huge amount of time to process, we can achieve a quick turnaround with an optimized process.

Quality of data

Thorough quality control

We have a thorough quality assurance system based on ISO 9001, the international standard for quality assurance. Under our own strict control system, we aim to achieve zero defects by making full use of the latest measuring instruments and equipment, including 3D measurement devices.