“P-ETA” system
“P-ETA” system
“P-ETA” system
“P-ETA” system
“P-ETA” system
“P-ETA” system

“P-ETA” system Claimed

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What is “P-ETA” system

“P-ETA”, standing for Parking becomes Easier with the Technology of Aida-engineering, is a total designing system for user-friendly and safe parking lots.

Statistics by an insurance company tells us about 30% of car accidents occur in parking lots. The causes are the things naturally seen in parking lots: existing common type of car stoppers making uneven ground, lack of additional spaces, and intricate layout. Sometimes, even vending machines make parking challenging.

P-ETA provides a solution to this safety problem with ideal design of parking spaces by analyzing accumulated parkspace usage data and by adopting our newly developed car-locking unit “FLAT&LOCK” which makes vacant parking spaces flat. “P-ETA” is a system to realize more user-friendly, safer parking lots.

Adopted the newly developed locking unit FLAT&LOCK

Newly developed FLAT&LOCKs realizes a flat, barrier-free parking lot.

While you have to press accelerator sensitively to drive over a locking unit in a usual coin-operated parking lot, no such delicate operation is necessary in the parking lot of FLAT&LOCK, which reduces risks to bump into the things behind and the psychological stress of drivers.

Moreover, because actuator unit of FLAT&LOCK is hidden in the ground, drivers can easily pull into a parking space, straighten their cars, and leave the space.

The flat ground is helpful not for only drivers, but also all passengers preventing them from stumbling when getting in and out of their cars.

Data analysis and Layout change

Based on the data gathered by our parking lot remote control system “iPark’n Concier”, we design the best layout considering vacancy rate and hours of each parking space to make your parking lot profitable and easy-to-park.

Wide parking spaces

In “P-ETA” system, wide, multi-purpose parking spaces are standard.

There are a variety of users having different needs: disabled persons, persons who do loading and unloading, and not skilled drivers who feel parking difficult. Wider space is our solution to such people with special needs.

Test for user-friendliness and vacancy rate review

After some eye-tracking tests, frequency of mirror checking reduced 7.5 times in average and made the number of times of cutting the wheel for straitening 2.4 times less in average.

More than half of parking lots, which made layout changes and exchanged their locking unit based on the results of tests, experienced a sales boost.


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