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Optical Devices technology
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These devices have great potential and play an important role in utilizing vacuum technology in the opto-electronics sector.

Ultra-high Spec Vacuum Coater for optical multilayer Sapio 1300 / 1550


  1. High Efficiency Exhaust System
  2. Low Particle Method (Option)
  3. High Precise Optical Thickness Control System
  4. High Power Ion Source for Large Area



New optical fiber monitor and Monitor glass exchanger device enable to provide high precise property as designed.

Technologies to stable the quality of vacuum and not to be affected by fouling achieve the property without cleaning IR cut filter for 20 batches.

2.Film Stability

Thorough counterplans to outgassing enable to provide property and stabled quality. Haze value is minimum amount through 20 batches continuous deposition.

3.Low Particles

The counterplans to turbulence flow, antifouling near evaporation source and tuning electron beam gun can prevent the generation of particles.

4.High Power RF Ion Source

High power RF Ion Source designed for Sapio enables high quality deposition for multilayer optical filter, resin film and so on.

To ensure ignition efficiency of neutralizer enables to work stability.

Vapor Deposition Equipment for Optical Thin Film SGC-S1700 Series


  1. AR-coating-specific standard machine, incorporating all the technologies of Sapio 1300 while assuring enhanced cost performance.
  2. Most suitable for resin film formation.
  3. Selectable from variety of specifications such as RF ion source, optical monitor and inverting pallet.


  1. Adopting a highly efficient pumping system provides you with film formation processing time reduced by about 10 % comparing with that of Φ1300 class.
  2. Comprehensive-irradiation grid type RF ion sources are adopted.Film quality is stable through the whole palette.
  3. Compact design in consideration of minimized installation space and reduced height.
  4. Ideal equipment size maximizing work efficiency.Adoption of ideal palette size.

Small Sputtering System for AR   SPS-208CW


Single-wafer type sputtering system for optical thin film, developed mainly for Anti-Reflection coating on the small size diameter lens typified by cell phone cameras and optical pickup lenses.

Full use of the advantage of the single wafer type sputtering method realizes the system simplification and productivity improvement.


  1. Installation space saving: W1200 × D1150 × H1800 mm
  2. Reduction of cycle time: 15 min or less (depending on film structure) for AR coating on both surfaces.
  3. Support for resin substrates: Substrate temperature: 100°C or lower
  4. Small lot production: Employs single wafer type cassette system
  5. Expandability able to connect between previous and post process facilities