Lathe/gear machining
Lathe/gear machining
Lathe/gear machining
Lathe/gear machining
Lathe/gear machining
2007/08/07 11:09
Lathe/gear machining

Lathe/gear machining Claimed

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Precision gears (flat tooth, lotus tooth, internal tooth, bevel tooth, etc.), pulleys, lathe processing

We have more than 30 years of experience in processing of round parts and gears (hobbing and MC cutting) on lathes and gears with lathes and gear processing (hobbing and MC cutting), as well as various prototype parts for office automation equipment and automotive parts.


We can also provide lathe machining with special turning tools and gear machining with hobbing machines.


Gears from module 0.2 and up are available.

In addition to the gears listed below, we can also provide consultation on other special gears.

  • Flat tooth
  • Lotus teeth
  • Worm gear
  • Crusty teeth
  • Internal teeth
  • Various pulleys


When it comes to gear processing, we can handle everything from N=1 piece to several thousand pieces in prototype form.


Kodensha’s expertise in gear processing

  • Compound gears and pulleys that cannot be cut with a hobbing machine can also be machined with a machining center.
  • e.g.) Gears of half-finished modules such as module 0.34.
  • e.g.) Gears with special missing teeth.
  • e.g.) Complex gears that MUST be machined in one piece.


  • We have accumulated a great deal of know-how in the processing of resin internal teeth. Please consult with us as we can process the internal gears in one piece. The impossible may become possible!



  • We have a special system that mixes the front-end processing of lathes and hobbing machines with the post-processing of machining centers.


  • Special complex processing, which is a mixture of pre-processing with lathes and hobbing machines and post-processing with machining centers, is one of the Kodensha’s specialties.