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We are creating devices that can automatically measure physical quantities (heat, force, light, sound, length, weight, current, voltage, time, etc.) and perform visual inspections in place of humans.

Using the high speed and large capacity of memory that computers are good at, this system enables precise and error-free inspections.


This technology is indispensable for maintaining the ISO9000 standard, which is being acquired recently.

We are proud to be involved in work that frees people from simple and dangerous tasks.


Example of production results

<Molded part terminal block height measuring device/laser type>

This system measures the “terminal height” from the reference surface of the molded workpiece with a non-contact sensor and indicates the point of failure.


<Appearance/Characteristics Inspection and Taping Equipment for Automotive Chip LEDs>

This is a device that transports automotive chip LEDs on a lead frame and performs direction, appearance, lighting, characteristic inspection, rank classification, and taping (2 systems).