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Industrial jeweled parts are parts that utilize hard materials such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies to reduce wear and tear due to friction and to extend the service life of machines and products and to achieve high precision.

The high melting point of these parts enables them to be used at high temperatures and to withstand chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis. They are also used when insulation is required. However, due to their high price, they have been distributed in a limited field, but in recent years, significant progress in crystal growth technology for diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc., has led to significant advances in shape, quality and price.

Adamant Namiki grows diamond, sapphire, and ceramics on its own, and especially sapphire, using the EFG method, is able to provide various shapes of parts such as large, long, and tubes.


The strength of our company lies in our integrated manufacturing capabilities, from materials to processing. Our production system, which is optimized to take full advantage of the characteristics of the materials, results in products that perfectly meet our customers’ requirements.

For outsourced products, our team of precision processing experts ensures traceability by material and processing lot, providing our customers with a reliable system. We can also use special materials for special purposes or to meet customer requirements.

Specific Processing Technology

Diamonds and sapphires are the most common gemstones used for industrial jewelry parts because of their hardness. However, their hardness cannot be processed by a blade at all.

The unique core technology of Adamant Namiki is “cutting, grinding and polishing” to process such hard stones. And we have been trying to evolve the inherent technology by combining this inherent core technology with the advanced technology such as laser processing technology. This evolution of our proprietary technologies is the driving force behind the development of the Only One product, anticipating ever-evolving technological innovations.

We are able to provide precision processing that combines proprietary technology with advanced technology, microhole processing that has evolved to the nano level, and joint processing that uses the ultimate in flat polishing.


Adamant Namiki started out by manufacturing the first purely domestic artificial sapphire bearings for electric meters in 1939. Hard, non-abrasive sapphire bearings were used in electric meters as a necessity for everyday life, and they were also used in water meters and measuring instruments. During the war, he was also involved in the manufacture of bearings for aircraft instruments and bearings for navigation instruments for radio weapons. After the war, we produced one hit after another, such as jewel bearings for watches, diamond record hands, and exterior parts for watches, and nowadays we supply hard, non-abrasive industrial jewel parts to various fields such as communications, medical, biotechnology, and semiconductors.