High accuracy glass optical part

High accuracy glass optical part Claimed

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Characteristics of optical glass materials

  • Small coefficient of thermal expansion, water absorption rate, and photoelastic constant
  • High weatherability and chemical resistance
  • High energy density resistance
  • High UV light resistance
  • Wide wavelength transmission bands

Our Capabilities

  • High accuracy microscopic glass molding technology
  • Integrated system of production from optical design through mass production
  • We can provide a product or module or even system as required by the customer..
  • aterials used can be glass, plastic, or a hybrid of glass and plastic.
  • Nalux provides high quality, reliable mass production, low cost, quick delivery and top customer service.

Case example

  • Hybrid (plastic on glass)
  • UV transmissive plastic
  • Binary geometry
  • Braise geometry
  • Chirp geometry
  • Fresnel geometry
  • Well array
  • Aspheric lens
  • Aspheric・Free-form lens array
  • Free-form lens
  • Light focusing
  • Collimate
  • Imaging
  • Diffraction
  • Diffusion
  • Segmentation
  • Shaped beam
  • Illuminance homogenization
  • Beam expansion
  • Phase correction
  • Coupling

Application case

  • Optical recording device
  • Printing
  • Excimer laser and laser machining
  • Analysis and measuring
  • Medical and Helthcare
  • Communications
  • Imaging display


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