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Functional Materials
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Centered on surface protection films in all fields such as metals, building materials, electronics and cars, this is a business that makes use of our adhesion processing technology, one of the company’s core technologies, in process tapes like thermally peelable tape, adhesive mats for dust removal, and other functional films.


Surface Protection Film

This protects customers’ important goods, for example by protecting stainless steel plates during processing or transportation, protecting cars from acid rain, etc., during transportation, and protecting the parts used in LCD TVs. The film can be firmly affixed, but is easy to peel off cleanly.


Cleaning Tape

This is used in clean rooms in electronics plants and pharmaceutical or food plants, where fine dust is a nuisance. Dirt and dust can be removed by applying the company’s products, such as adhesive mats to remove dirt from the soles of shoes, a dry-type dust removal system that picks up surface dirt by affixing and then peeling, and cleaning tape that picks up surface dirt from metal plates and printed boards.


Functional Film

This film has a wide variety of functions such as thermally peelable adhesive tape whose adhesiveness is reduced by applying heat enabling it to be peeled off easily. It is used in the electronics field.