From Dining Tables to Space – Technological Solutions for Every Need
From Dining Tables to Space – Technological Solutions for Every Need

From Dining Tables to Space – Technological Solutions for Every Need Claimed

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What We Have

Using the welding technology that we have refined over the years, we provide comprehensive construction services. These include design, manufacturing and local installation solutions for various kinds of plant facilities, such as single and dual pressure containers utilizing special materials like SUS, aluminum, copper, titanium and HASTELLOY. We also make high-pressure tanks, cryogenic storage tanks, brewing equipment and facilities and equipment for Tanegashima Space Center’s rocket launch site.

What It Brings

By taking customer needs in to account, we can propose the most suitable method to create a highly efficient, high-performance production system.

・Fast Delivery at Low Cost

We are registered by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a Designated Equipment Manufacturer under Article 56.6.2 of Japan’s High-Pressure Gas Safety Act.

We can deliver high-pressure gas containers quickly and at low cost, with a level of expertise that is on par with major companies.

・Comprehensive Services from Design to Production

Going above and beyond a simple manufacturing contract, we offer comprehensive services based on customer needs, taking care of everything, from design to production and installation. We also respond to requests for small products and prototypes.

Why Competitive ?

1. Precise Welding Technology

・ We can weld equipment, like high and low pressure containers, using HASTELLOY and Inconel (nickel alloy).

・High voltage: 6,000 PSI

・Low temperature: 4K (helium), 20K (liquid hydrogen)

・Super insulation thermal insulation possible

・High anti-corrosion stainless welding

・Laser welding, etc.

・We can also work with SUS, titanium and aluminum.

2. Fermentation Knowledge from Our Experience in Kyushu

・In Kyushu, and Oita prefecture especially, there are a large number of companies skilled in fermenting technologies, producing foods like miso, soy sauce, dressings and Japanese liquor.

For these ‘brewing powerhouses’, we work to make pressure vessels, cryogenic storage tanks, brewing tanks and sterilization tanks that adhere to the strict requirements of customers, earning us a reputation for good quality.

・We have a track record of supplying orders for overseas fermented food vendors.

・Our plants specialize in fermentation and brewing containers.

3. Our Extensive Track Record

・High-pressure gas facilities and plant for JAXA’s Tanegashima Space Center’s H-IIA rocket launch.

・Soy sauce mash fermentation tanks (high corrosion-resistant Inconel welding)

How To Be Utilized

Government Approval:

JISQ9100 (cryogenic storage tanks and design and manufacturing of pressure containers for the aerospace and defense industry), ISO9001 (re-designing of pressure containers and plant piping), High-pressure gas safety control laws (KHK), Single-pressure container manufacturing licensing plant (Oita Labor Standards Bureau), General construction business license (construction, steel structure, pipe work, machinery and equipment installation), Construction methods for structures under the Gas Business Act, Construction methods for structures under the Electricity Business Act, three new Utility models, and five pending Utility model applications.



・Designated high-pressure gas equipment

・CE (vertical cylindrical vacuum pearlite insulated reservoir/liquefied oxygen, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied argon, liquefied carbonic acid, LNG, etc.)

・Single and dual pressure containers, cylindrical types, multi-tube cylindrical types, jacketed cylindrical types, chemical reactor, distiller, heat exchangers, steamers etc.

・General tanks and equipment

Brewing and fermentation tanks(up to a maximum ofφ4000×15.5ml)material silos, screw conveyors(φ1000×9.3ml)

・Ground facilities for space rockets

High pressure gas facilities for Tanegashima Space Center’s rocket launch site (up to 6000psi of helium gas, hydrogen, nitrogen supply facilities, liquid hydrogen transfer supply facilities, etc.), and air supply and breathing equipment for Tsukuba Space Center’s sub-zero gravity environmental testing facility (high-pressure gas supply facilities).

・ External structures for small satellites (CFRP and CFTP composites)

Co-production of the small satellite “Tenko” in Oita city, launched from Tanegashima Space Center and currently in orbit.