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“Prototype and development shop” that provides total support for manufacturing

I want to make something like this!” “If only it were better…” We value the initial impulse to create something new. We value the initial impulse to create something new. We will put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and give shape to their ideas with our wide range of technical skills and creativity. In the equipment development division of HILLTOP, we have the environment, people, abilities, and passion for manufacturing, including mechanical design, electrical design, control, and design. All of these things are available at HILLTOP.


factory automation

We can respond flexibly to your requests for “work process management” and “personnel cost reduction” by robot control centered on a PLC ladder program! We incorporate sensors and control equipment from all manufacturers to provide the best fit for our customers. Contact us for verification equipment, testing machines, labor-saving equipment, and customization of your transfer line!



We have set up an open laboratory with equipment such as 3D printers, and provide full support for the planning and development of IoT devices, electronic devices with wireless communication, and products in various fields, as well as for the manufacture of prototypes. We can also purchase and procure all components for boards and controls in-house. Even if you don’t have a specific product image, we can consult with you from the conceptual stage, such as a sketch of a memo. Our mission is not just to give shape to an image, but also to provide our customers with an optimal product that includes functionality, convenience, appearance design, and competitive advantage.


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