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Finding the cause of the “can’t” and creating a “can do” method.

Since its founding, Autech Electronics has aimed to be a “small, but high value company” and has transformed various “can’ts” into “can-do’s.

This spirit of challenge and never saying “we can’t do it” is the root of our motivation.

Today, ICT, IoT and smart devices are the mainstream. We will continue to contribute to the fields of health, nursing care and medical care with our technology and spirit.


Technology category

1 Design technology

① Electric/electronic circuit design

② Program design

③ Mechanism design

④ Control design

⑤ Man-machine interface design

⑥ Wireless circuit

2 Measurement/inspection judgment technology

①Electrical characteristics (voltage, current, resistance, impedance, etc.)

②Pressure, load, torque characteristics

③Dimensions (measurement, position correction), shape (angle, roundness, etc.)


⑤Acoustic characteristics

⑥Temperature・Fire judgment

⑦ Biological signal

Technical know-how

1 Electric circuit/electronic circuit design

① Analog circuit design

② Digital circuit design

③ Microcomputer circuit design

2 Software design

① FA inspection program design

② FA control program design

③ OA program design

④ Embedded microcomputer program design

⑤ WEB, HomePage creation

3 Mechanical design

① Automatic machine/labor saving machine design

② Jig design

③ Sequence control design


Our products

LED tester

UV-C LED ultra-high-speed sterilization device

Pocket oscilloscope

Wine server

Automatic fire extinguishing robot

Antarctic ice sheet drilling control device

512ch measurement system