Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology
Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology

Electronic Devices (Sputtering & Ion Plating) technology Claimed

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Our advanced thin-film coating technology using a vacuum meets a variety of needs in a wide range of fields.

Plasma Cleaner  SPE-2136A


Removal of residues, surface reforming, and ashing of Φ4 to Φ6 inch wafers are possible by using this new plasma cleaner.

The automatic conveying mechanism contributes to prevention of wafer cracking and reduction of personnel expenses and operation time due to wafer transfer.

In addition, the process chamber achieves high throughput by simultaneous processing of two wafers.


  1. Cassette to Cassette
  2. High throughput
  3. Distribution: ± 5% or less in a wafer
  4. Simultaneous processing of two wafers
  5. Low temperature (room temperature) process
  6. Ar plasma cleaning (option)

Ion Beam Sputtering equipment  SPI series


This equipment is the ion beam sputtering system to form some thin films on electronic devices using high vacuum.

Load lock mechanism maintains high vacuum in a sputtering chamber, and Transfer robot achieves space saving.

It is also equipped with Φ11cm ion guns for sputtering and assisting, which are adjustable in angle taking low incidence angle into consideration by a pentahedron target. Optional magnetron sputtering chamber contributes high-precision and high-efficient production.


  1. Ultra-high vacuum (6.7 × 10-7Pa or less)
  2. Low rate
  3. Ultra-thin film
  4. Stable growth of a magnetic film

Sputtering System  SPC-4515LD for LED device-specific electrode formation


This system is used to form pad electrodes absolutely necessary for device production process, enabling high quality adherent film formation which has been difficult to realize so far.


  1. Used for LED device electrode pads
  2. Enables low temperature film formation (100°C or lower)
  • Able to support a substrate with resist patterns.
  • Suitable for the production process requiring low temperature film formation.

3. Equipped with reversal mechanism enabling a film to be formed on the both surfaces

  • Both-surface film formation capability improves production cycle and reduces required number of equipment, comparing with the equipment without the reversal mechanism installed.
  • The production capability per equipment footprint is improved.

Multi-function type Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment  SEC-22C


  1. Employs electron beam type vapor source, enabling you to form a film of high-melting-point metal and an oxide film.
  2. Vapor speed and film thickness controls are performed by crystal oscillator type film thickness gauges.
  3. Equipped with a Cryo pump as a main pump.
  4. Employs a fully automatic operation control system.


  1. The vapor source and substrate jigs are provided in order to obtain excellent film thickness distribution.
  2. Since the electron beam type vapor source employs a six-point type melting pot, six kinds of film formation can be performed in same vacuum.
  3. Up to 30 sheets of substrate for Φ75mm, 20 sheets for Φ100mm or 9 sheets for Φ150mm can be mounted.
  4. Films can be formed within the incident angle of ±5 degrees.
  5. Deposition preventive shield in the vacuum chamber is a split type and easily replaceable.
  6. Substrate cleaning mechanisms and speed traps are available as an option.

Ion Plating Equipment  SIP-1600


  1. This equipment can form a metal film on the resin substrate.
  2. Two kinds of materials can be coated in the same batch.
  3. Provides high productivity with two sets of internal jigs and carriages attached.
  4. The ion plating mechanism enables a film to be deposited with excellent uniform thickness.


  1. Six-axis or eight-axis rotation/revolution jigs can be equipped depending on work size.
  2. The resistor heating vapor source is equipped with switching electrodes (two sets).
  3. The ion plating mechanism is included.
  4. Equipped with two sets of jig carriages as standard.
  5. Since equipped with freezer, the exhaust speed for H2O is improved.
  6. Provides a lineup of different chamber sizes depending on production volume.

Vacuum Vapor Deposition Equipment  SEC-06D


  1. This vacuum vapor deposition equipment forms a film on the substrate by using a resistor heating type source to evaporate metal materials.
  2. The equipment is a batch type with a maximum Φ400mm dome equipped.
  3. Vapor speed and film thickness is controlled by the crystal-oscillator-type film thickness gauge.
  4. The operation control system is fully automated.


  1. Easy operation
  2. Most suitable for from R & D to small-quantity production
  3. The vacuum chamber is a front-door type with high maintainability.
  4. Compact design based on the integral type operation control system.

Ion Plating Equipment using Hollow Cathode System  SIH-400T


  1. Most suitable to form decorative films for accessories.
  2. Most suitable to form cured coating films for tools.
  3. Enables the touch panel operation to control film forming recipes.
  4. Most suitable machine for small-volume production or for experiment.
  5. Enables the film-forming color to be changed by varying the volume and types of introduced gas (N2, O2, and H2).