Electronic/control/measurement equipment design, structural design and mounting design

Electronic/control/measurement equipment design, structural design and mounting design Claimed

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Today, with the rapid development of information technology, a higher level of expertise and technology is needed in the design field as well. Design is an important technology that plays an important role in the development of all kinds of technology, and the humanity and creativity of engineers involved in the design process is the driving force behind the creation of a new society.

We are a group of professional structural designers who combine the know-how we have cultivated over the years with future technological developments in a rational manner to protect the fair interests of our clients in the midst of diversifying social needs, and as experts involved in manufacturing, each of our employees has the knowledge and skills to fully respond to these needs. In today’s society where “software” is important, we are constantly improving our design techniques to make structural design more valuable.


Housing and structural design


We create design drawings that incorporate universal design, from equipment enclosures to fixtures.


Mechanism Design:

We use 2D and 3D CAD to design and provide data for equipment enclosures, mechanical parts, piping, etc., using the necessary technology for each. The 2D drawings are created in accordance with the drawing frame template used by the customer.


Prototype production:

If you want to verify your design by prototyping, we can manufacture and assemble it in a short period of time and deliver it to you.



When you request a design, we will prepare and provide you with a quote immediately.


Digital Circuit Design

We design sensor AMP circuits, high voltage circuits, and circuits around CPUs. We can also provide the designed circuit diagram simulation data.