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Features, technical characteristics and dimensions that are requested by customer are diverse. Very many types of materials such as natural rubber, EPDM, chloroprene rubber (CR), silicon rubber (SR), acrylic rubber (AR) and others are readily available.

As a manufacture of industrial rubber products, Hokusay Rubber Industry has been engaged in the development and proposal of new industrial rubber products based on the long years of experience in findings and knowledge of rubber materials in combination with the advanced processing technology.

Single cutting edge technology can give birth to epoch making products. The industrial rubber products require a combination of technologies accumulated inside a company during long years.

Use of the advanced technologies accumulated inside a company enables us to satisfy the market needs and manufacturing of high quality industrial rubber products.

Electrically conductive rubber

Rubber is generally recognized as an electrically non-conductive material, but can be made electrically conductive by mixing appropriate materials, for either sold rubber or sponge rubber. A good example is the rubber roll used in printers and copying machines, which transfer electric charges. Other types of this rubber are made conductive enough to discharge the static electricity.


EPDM, Hydrin rubber, SR (Silicon rubber)

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Rubber roll for printer and copying machine, antistatic rubber