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Since 1950, we have been steadily and steadily manufacturing precision parts every day.

Our manufacturing methods for mass-produced parts, developed over a long period of time, and even the difficult machining of one-of-a-kind products that require high requirements

We support our customers’ manufacturing with technology that can be deployed in a wide range of areas.

Proposal-based manufacturing

We provide precision parts that meet our customers’ objectives.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers who require precision machined parts for a variety of purposes, we offer the best solutions and processing methods to meet their demands. We work in close communication with our customers to achieve a wide range of products in response to technical issues such as shapes and materials that are difficult to process and compliance with overseas standards.


Contributing to the realization of reliable products in the market by understanding the end user’s application as much as possible

Manufacturing using the most appropriate processing method to balance accuracy, cost and delivery

Smoothly handling the entire process from start to delivery through prompt communication

For those who are considering requesting parts manufacturing

-Customers with drawings

First of all, please send it to us by email or fax. We want to get the drawings as clear as possible, so we prefer to send them to you by email if possible.

-If you do not have a drawing, please send it to us.

We can handle the drawings. Please let us know the specifications of the parts you wish to manufacture. A separate design fee will be required.

Depending on the nature of the processing, we may ask a subcontractor to provide a solution.

Key Areas and Experience

Electrical and Electronics / Communication Platform Technology

Since its establishment in 1950, the company has been manufacturing mechanical parts for the electrical, electronic and communication fields. At first, we were mass-producing screws and hexagonal struts, but now we are manufacturing small-diameter, high-accuracy, complex-shaped parts, such as connectors of special shapes, semiconductors and high-frequency devices, from prototypes to mass production.

Industrial Equipment / Energy

This is the second field we have entered after electrical and electronic/communication infrastructure technology. We have manufactured shafts, special screws, fluid connections, nozzles and other parts for machine tools, food, container, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing machinery, other machine elements and power plants. We have accumulated know-how and mass production technology for materials with characteristics such as corrosion and heat resistance.


We manufacture a wide range of mechanical components used in aircraft, including interiors, structures and engines, and we began receiving orders around 2004, obtaining JIS Q 9100 certification in 2010 and engine manufacturer certification in 2014. We can provide a stable supply of parts and strict traceability management over a long period of time.


We have a proven track record in the manufacture of metal parts for a wide range of space equipment, including small satellites. We specialize in manufacturing high-precision parts in a short period of time, which is required in the small satellite industry, where constellation is becoming more and more common, and we provide direct feedback to designers to shorten delivery times and reduce manufacturing costs.

Mechanical clock

Starting with a joint project with Mr. Hajime Asaoka, one of Japan’s leading independent watchmakers, and OSG, a tool manufacturer, the company has been manufacturing watch parts for overseas manufacturers as well. The company is able to produce a wide range of parts such as gears, screws, crown, hands and cases in small lots.

Medical equipment

We manufacture parts for the medical industry, including microstructured endoscope parts that require strict geometric tolerances, as well as dental equipment, spinal implants and surgical instruments. For spinal implants, we are involved in the design process based on the customer’s specifications, as well as in the mass production of products after repeated testing and improvements, such as cleaning using a vacuum cleaning machine.

Quality Control

Customer Based Quality Control.

Our strength lies in timely comprehension of unique quality requirements of each customer and matching our QC accordingly.


Comprehension of quality requirements of customer, through years of experience.

Strong bond between manufacturing team and QC team, communicating on QC practices.

QC according to certified standards. [ Certifications ]

In-house Developed Production Control System

We have our own in-house developed production control application for visualization of process and statistical process control. This backbone of our manufacturing maintains data from purchase to delivery, enabling clear traceability of processes.

  • Traceability
  • Lot Control
  • Process & Progress Control

Manufacture with Care

Quality in manufacturing starts with awareness of each member. In order to build a better relationship with our customers, we work with utmost consciousness of “care”.