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A diffractive optic is an optical element that forms hundreds of microscopic structures per 1mm on the optical surface.

The structures break up the light wave into thousands of wavelets. By properly constructing the structures, the wavelets can be made to interfere with each other both constructively and destructively in a controlled manner creating a desired output light pattern.

Our Capabilities

  • Various structure shapes (yielding various optical performances) are available such as a blazed geometry, a staircase geometry, or the traditional two level binary geometry.
  • Multimple complex patterns are possible on a single optic.
  • Double-sided diffractive optical elements are possible.
  • Superior depth control allows Nalux to reduce the diffraction efficiency variation.
  • Nalux uses proprietary software to both design the optic as well as to simulate the performance of the molded optic.
  • Quality inspections are carried out by specialized equipment which measures the spectral ratio of the diffractive element.


Reading optics (also called pick up optics) for DVD players, spectrometers, laser line generators.

Polarization control is possible by creating structures with pitches that are much smaller (hundreds nm) than the wavelength being used.

Nalux produces huge volumes of pick up diffractive optics. Mass production volumes exceed 10,000,000 per month.


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