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Cutting is our strongest technology.

Cutting is a manufacturing method in which round bar materials and block materials made of resin and metal are machined directly from the material using a machining center.


There are advantages and disadvantages to this process depending on the quantity, accuracy, material, shape and other factors, but this process is the core technology in which Kodensha most.


Cutting is recommended for small lots, short delivery times, and when dimensional accuracy is required.



What makes Kodensha’s cutting work amazing!

  • Specializing in fine and ultra-precise processing! I’d like to see the precision stuff! Complicated multi-sided processing is welcome!
  • We are good at multi-tasking, including lathe and gear processing!
  • We have expertise in small-diameter blade machining! Leave it to us for deep drilling with a small diameter end mill!
  • We have a wide range of resins in stock, including GF additives, sliding materials, and expensive super engineering plastics. We do and we’re here to help! Leave the cutting process of aluminum, brass and SUS to us!
  • Quick turnaround time is possible by utilizing our good footwork!