Contract development of measuring instruments, inspection equipment and systems

Contract development of measuring instruments, inspection equipment and systems Claimed

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We are engaged in commissioned development of a wide range of products, from hardware such as electronic measuring instruments and inspection equipment to various applications and firmware. Please do not hesitate to let us know about your issues or problems in your research field. Our dedicated concierges promise to provide technical proposals to solve your problems.


For University and Research Institution Customers

We assist in the manufacture of prototypes and commercialization of ideas and seeds from research and development sites.

You can also leave the systematization and automation of your experiments to us.


Customers in development, inspection, quality control, etc.

If you have any requests for “advanced product inspection” or “production of test equipment for developed products” – please feel free to contact us.

We also provide specification design and software development for systemization of measurement.



High-speed, precise and multi-channel testing system for voltage, current and resistance

Our voltage, current, and resistance testing equipment, including insulation testers, IV characteristics measurement equipment, contact resistance measurement equipment, device testing equipment, and test signal generators, are all high-performance models designed for high speed, high accuracy, and multiple channels, and we are proud of the large number of installations by companies with R&D departments.