Cable product design and manufacturing technology

Cable product design and manufacturing technology Claimed

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In-house development of control cables

For motorcycles and automobiles, of course.

Many years of expertise in the fields of general-purpose motors, outboard motors, ATVs and others

We are designing and developing control cables that make the most of our expertise.


-Speedy design with 2D and 3D CAD

-Wide range of services from conception to manufacturing

-We can meet the various needs of our customers

Integrated production of control cables

Our control cable manufacturing system is capable of integrated production from material processing, plastic molding, terminal bracket manufacturing to assembly.


-Quicker delivery by improving work efficiency

-Cost reduction through process reduction

-Improving reliability by eliminating brazing

-Easy to bend with a smaller radius than conventional processing

cell manufacturing

The cell method of production is based on multi-process, single-stream production.

A small number of work teams perform assembly and inspection.


-Suitable for high-mix low-volume production

-Enables low-cost production through increased efficiency

-The ability to respond to changes in production volume and reduce costs by reducing processes

High performance cables

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing, we offer a wide range of variations and high specification products.


-High water resistance and high feeling

-Excellent heat and cold resistance

-Cost reduction by using foamed pipe specifications and reducing processes

Small diameter and light weight cables

Our unique ideas and advanced manufacturing technology have made it possible to create cables that are lighter than conventional cables.


-Significant weight reduction is possible without sacrificing performance.

-The miniaturization of the vehicle’s body improves its positioning.

-Improved stroke response and cost reduction through process reduction


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