Antireflection structure

Antireflection structure Claimed

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Creating conical shaped structures (Moth’s Eye structures) that are smaller than the transmitted wavelength minimizes reflection by creating a gradual change in the effective refractive index.

The antireflection structures have the same effect as an antireflection coating.


Generally, reflection percentage increases the bigger the difference in refractive index between the air and the optic.

The microscopic conical geometry results in a smaller refractive index change from the vertex to the base of the cones resulting in greatly reduced reflection.

Our Capabilities

  • Improved Replication by converting the Moth Eye structure to a concave cone from a convex cone (US Patent No.11/921,324).
  • Using Nalux’s proprietary processing methods, antireflection structures can be created on both flat and curved surfaces.(Japan Patent NO.5584907).Maximum area that the structures can be created: φ60mm
  • We provide optimal geometry design with self-developed optical design software.



Applications requiring high reliability such as automotive or in the broiling sun

High incidence angle dependent optical systems


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