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AGposs® as customizable conductive silver fiber

Wearable sensor, Electrode, Electromagnetic wave shielding, RFID antenna, Industrial material and Antibacterial materials, etc.

We are involved in developing, manufacturing and selling AGposs® as silver plated fiber depending on your requests.


A metal with a thread face

AGposs® is a silver-plated fiber on the surface of nylon and AGposs® is all covered with “silver”.

It is a thread, not a thread, a metal, nor a metal, so-called “a metal with a thread face”.

It’s dirrefent from conventional silver-kneaded fibers and filmed silver yarn, AGposs® of silver amount is overwhelmingly high,

so it has excellent conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, antibacterial, deodorant, moisture retention,

heat insulation and electrostatic effect.


Potential of AGposs®

# 01. Conductive effect

Use : Wearable IoT and Wiring materials


# 02. Antimicrobial and Deodorant effect

Use : Antimicrobial socks, band-aid and bandage


# 03. Electromagnetic shield effect

Use : Apron


# 04. Static electricity suppression effect

Use : Wear of static electricity suppression, Electrostatic carpet


# 05. Temperature-keeping・Cool effect

Use:Cool feeling shirt



Although the silver has long been known to have antibacterial properties,

but AGposs® also has an excellent electrical conductivity.

In addition, the specific gravity is very small 1.4-1.6.

Concerning the cost performance, AGposs® is better than tin metallic wires and metallic powders.

Thus, we can propose to you suitable products depending on your demands.

Furthermore the silver is said to be the safest metal for all organism.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s, the silver was the least likely to cause skin damage among any other metal product was reported.



Product lines for AGposs® are filaments, spun yarns, cut fibers, twisted yarns, woven fabrics and nonwoven fabrics. Unlike metallic thin wires and film fibers, it retains the soft texture particular to the fiber, so it is possible to process into woven or knitted fabrics, and cut fibers can be put in resin and adhesive, etc. The adhesion of yarn to silver is strong, and silver plating does not peel off easily.


Product description

AGposs® has a range of products as Filaments, Yarns, Cut fibers, Twisted yarns, Woven fabrics and Non-woven fabrics.

As AGposs® is different than tin metallic wires and film fibers?????, it means, AGposs® remains still the soft texture of the fibers,

so that it is can be processed into woven fabrics and knit fabrics and cut fibers of AGposs® is also able to be contained into resins and glus and so on.

The adhesion between thread and silver is strong, and the silver plating of AGposs® does not peel off so easily.


AGposs®, Silver plated fiber(filament)

AGposs®, it’s the of best characteristics of electrical resistivity of any other conductive fibers and it also has a texture of fiber which is a washing durability.

It can be used for Wearable sensor, Electrode, Electromagnetic wave shielding, RFID antenna etc.


Wearable/Electrode tape

This is a flexible knit tape which is made of silver plated conductive fiber with 100% as AGposs®.

It can be used for Wearable electrodes and lead wires.


Exclusively for Wearable coated wire as AGposs® T1, T1Z

This is exclusively for a wearable lead wire with 12 μm thick polyester coating on AGposs®.

Even it is coated by metal, we keep it with the flexibility of fiber.

It is also available that a shield type AGposs® as T1Z prevents external radio wave interference.


Conductive silver plated sewing thread

It has the same characteristics as the filament, it can be used widely for junction of conductive parts and wearable wiring.


Silver plated yarn fiber

Silver fibers by mix spinning with cotton or polyester fiber as a conductive fiber, this yarn becomes closer to texture of the fiber and has excellent antibacterial or electrostatic properties as well as conductivity.

It is extremely antibacterial and has great deodorizing properties.


Sliver plated staple fiber

This is a staple cut from sliver-plated fiber(filament).

It can be used for junction of non-woven fabric with conductivity or antibacterial properties and yarn fiber.


Antibacterial effect, conductivity, radio waves, shield mesh

It is silver-plated into nylon mesh for excellent conductivity and visibility. In addition, it has excellent washing durability and can be used as an electromagnetic wave countermeasure for medical equipment in hospitals.


Wearable/Knit fabric

It’s a flexible knit fabric using silver-plated conductive fibers.

It’s available to be used as wearable electrodes or sheets.


Cut fiber silver-plated

The silver plating is applied to cut materials of 0.3mm-3mm.

It’s available to be used for conductive adhesives, paints, touch pens, etc.


Electromagnetic wave shielding cloth

This is a fabric woven with silver-plated fibers. It’s an electromagnetic shielding article with excellent electrical conductivity, fiber flexibility and washability. The performance is over than 30dB(by the method of KEC).

*Depending on a part of fabric, it’s possible to be achieved more than 30dB performances.



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