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We will gather and introduce factories that perfectly match your company's needs! You can make a batch inquiry to factories that can manufacture small-lot prototypes of electronic devices such as PCs, smartphone peripherals, and smart devices.

Even major e-commerce buyers use this!

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Search for the product or service you want to purchase by referring to production records and prices.

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If you find a product you are interested in, consider free samples and customization and get a quote.

Don't worry if it's your first time. 👌

Looking for an OEM supplier for Gadget. Do you have any of these problems?

  • Lack of expertise and anxiety
  • I don't know how to tell a good vendor from a bad one.
  • Researching one company at a time would take too much time.
  • I don't know the cost rate.
  • I don't want to get a bunch of sales calls at once.
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BRIDGE cnet Japan 東洋経済 朝日新聞 日刊工業新聞

For those who do not know how to find the best factories for Gadget OEM
For those who have found candidates but are having trouble negotiating with them.

RFQ (Request for Quatation) is a unique free consultation service that collects and introduces factories that are perfect for your company's needs according to the lot size and cost of your original cosmetics.

Within one business day, we will introduce you to the best factories and companies that are willing to take on new initiatives, especially Gadget OEM factories, from ManuTech's database of over 30,000 companies.

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Free introduction service for gadget factories

Computer and smartphone peripherals, smart devices, etc.

The database contains more than 30,000 factories and companies in a wide range of categories, including skincare, make-up, hair care, and quasi-drugs.

We will provide you with a free introduction to the most suitable health foods OEM factory according to your company's lot size and cost. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Don't worry if it's your first time. 👌

For your safety and security

There is no cost to the customer for placing an order. We do not charge any fees even when an order is placed.

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Point 1

No annoying sales calls

After your inquiry, you will not receive sales calls from several companies at once. With just one call from our support team to confirm your request, you will have a list of candidates to place your order with.

Point 2

Completely free and can be used as many times as you like.

There is no cost to the customer for placing an order. We do not charge any fees even when an order is placed. manufacturer pay us for our services. If you are unable to find a suitable manufacturer, you can use our service as many times as you like.

Point 3

From introductions, you don't always have to decide who to order from!

You do not have to sign a contract with the manufacturer you have been introduced to. It is also possible to place an order with a company other than the one you have been introduced to.

ManuTech がお応えします。

ManuTech is here to help you.

Our professional support staff, who have a database of over 30,000 manufacturers, will respond promptly to your inquiries, confirm your requirements, and discuss your needs. We will help you find the right factory or company.


Easy for everyone !

With a simple free registration, you will receive information on new factories and companies in your field of interest.


Free Consultation Service

Even if you do not know how to find a manufacturing business, we will be faithful to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.


Speedy response

Questions and consultations are accepted 24 hours a day. Your request for consultation will be answered within one business day.


Full support

In addition to guiding you through the help pages, our professional support team is also available to help you offline.

Free Consultation Service

Within one business day, ManuTech will propose you a factory that matches your purpose and production stage, such as planning, design, and mass production, from our database of more than 30,000 factories in Japan and China.